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Are you planning to or have you purchased a new home recently? Do you want to make the interior a little more you by upgrading the color in each individual room? Or maybe, you have a commercial space that needs to be brightened, warmed, or made more inviting. All of these are possibilities with San Juan Custom Painting’s extensive experience in both the commercial and residential painting industries. 

The team at San Juan Custom Painting is known for meeting all of your interior paint needs in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you’re on a time crunch for a move in day, or have a grand opening planned, you can expect a clean and newly professionally painted space whenever you need it.

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Other Painting Services

As your local painting contractor, San Juan Custom Painting tackles a multitude of painting services throughout the Durango, Colorado area. Whether it be a small interior remodel, or the exterior stain and paint for an entire commercial complex - San Juan Custom Painting has extensive professional experience to handle your painting needs with efficiency.
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Full Service Painting Contractor

San Juan Custom Painting is a full service, fully insured paint contractor.
Whether you're looking for interior, exterior, residential, or commercial work, San Juan Custom Painting has professional experience in every niche.

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